Monte da Vilarinha


NOVEMBER 1 - 3, 2019

Our retreats are designed offering a rich program that will promote a deeper connection with the source of life and nurture yourself in all levels of your being so you can reestablish your full potential!

Monte da Vilarinha is surrounded by wild and luxurious nature and offers simple yet comfortable accommodations.

The combination of these ancient techniques will bring a sense of inner peace to your days, learning how to release different layers of tension and relax in subtle levels, embracing yourself exactly as you are so you can be aware of the infinite possibilities of the present moment and really enjoy what life has to offer you along the way.

You can bring your whole family as we will offer Pre-Natal Yoga, Babyoga, Playoga and crafts for younger and older kids. Adolescents can already join the adults program.

Everyone is welcome, experienced practitioners and beginners, men and women of all ages. Come with a group of friends or family, or alone and make like minded friends building a sense of belonging to this beautiful community.


FRIDAY - November 1

From 14h30: Arrival & room distribution. Welcome ayurvedic elixir & little bite.

17h00 - 20h00: Introduction to Meditation: Discussing the nature of the mind and our relationship with our thoughts. We will examine the role our thoughts play in our experience of stress and on our journey to cultivate well-being. We will also introduce a transcending, or Being, style of meditation practice; Ashtanga Yoga - Fundamentals: Tristana, the 3 pillars that are the foundation of this practice as a tool to help cultivate the ultimate presence of mind, focus, and stability; Yoga Nidra: deep guided relaxation with traditional chants of India to induce a full connection with your divine essence.

20h30: Dinner by the experienced Ayurvedic chef Anita with an incredible menu designed specifically to enhance all the benefits of the practices.

SATURDAY - November 2

7h30 - 10h30: Meditation: Further practice and refinement of the transcending, being style, meditation and guidance on how to establish a regular home practice; Ashtanga Yoga - Standing Asanas: Understanding how to apply Tristana during Vinyasa - learn how to link the asanas honoring the energy first to feed the movement in a light and fluid way; Yoga Nidra: Deep guided relaxation with traditional chants of India to induce a full connection with your divine essence.

11h00: Ayurvedic Brunch full of therapeutic properties to start our day feeding our souls and keep us nurtured until later in the day. Long break to enjoy Vilarinha or explore the lovely Vicentina coast, discovering deserted beaches and unique landscapes that will give moments of pure awe.

17h00 - 20h00: Meditation: A final review of the technique and discussion on how to evaluate if you are getting the benefits of a meditation practice in your daily life; Ashtanga Yoga - Inversions & Lotus: Inverted asanas are a significant part as they reverse the action of gravitational force on the body; This helps us see things with a different perspective - opening new paths leaving us refreshed and revitalized. To finish we will give opening restorative stretching options to create space for the classic Yoguic lotus pose (Padmasana) and introduce the eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga; Yoga Nidra: Deep guided relaxation with traditional chants of India to induce a full connection with your divine essence.

20h30: Delicious Ayurvedic Dinner

SUNDAY - November 3

7h30 - 10h30: Meditation all together and clarification of final doubts; Ashtanga Yoga - Chikitsa Yoga: Meaning yoga therapy, because of the cleansing and toning effect it has on both body and mind. On a physical level the asanas (poses) of the Primary Series build strength and flexibility in the body, loosening tight muscles and realigning and detoxifying the body and nervous system. The series begins with forward bends, then twists and hip openers with a vinyasa between each asana; Yoga Nidra: Deep guided relaxation with traditional chants of India to induce a full connection with your divine essence.

11h00: Nurturing Ayurvedic Brunch followed by break to enjoy Vilarinha

15h30 - 16h30: Open space for last questions and clarifications on how you can renew your energy, calm your mind or simply provide genuine moments of connection in your daily life. Closing circle to celebrate our moments together and that we have gained enhanced awareness of all the layers of our being as a complete entity that has the power within to transform our lives with these the tools you learnt to continue deepening the most amazing inner journey, the path of self-knowledge with total presence and acceptance of what is without interfering with the cosmic law.


Isa Guitana

For the last 18 years Isa has dedicated her daily presence to share tradtional Ashtanga Yoga with each student to cross her path, supporting their inner journey with her playful heart and faithful dedication to inspire them to unravel their deepest potential within. From the moment she discovered her practice, she knew it would challenge her and open her heart to bring new levels of growth for a lifetime. She spent 10 years travelling to India to practice under the guidance of Shri K Pattabhi Jois and his grandson Sharath Jois and was among the first Portuguese teachers to be Authorized by the Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, India. Isa lives in Portugal with her family and teaches at both locations (Lisbon & Cascais) of her school, Casa Vinyasa. Over the years Isa has taught throughout Portugal, Europe, Asia and the Americas. Isa has been teaching and performing at several international festivals like Boom, Being, Wanderlust and Portugal Spirit Festival. In addition to the Ashtanga practices, Isa also uses her singing voice as a tool for healing and transformation through the study and chanting of the Yoga Sutras, traditional Indian devotional Bhajans and guided Yoga Nidras, deep relaxations.

Jay Wong

Jay has been practicing meditation and Ashtanga Yoga for over 10 years alongside building a career in large and small companies, holding roles in strategy, solution development, and innovation in the areas of finance, health, and nutrition. Jay is a Certified Meditation instructor in the 1 Giant Mind Being Technique, a transcending style of meditation to cultivate deeper self awareness and wellbeing. With a deep fascination for how the mind works, and the powerful role it plays in how we experience life and the degree to which we can achieve our goals, Jay combines methods and models of business with the practice of meditation and personal improvement to facilitate the process of growth.

Ana Mendes

Mother of 2, passionate about nature, motherhood and music, with a master’s degree in Transverse Flute, when she first entered Casa Vinyasa, she felt she was truly at home. At Isa’s invitation in 2010 she became an assistant professor at Casa Vinyasa. With the birth of her first child in 2014 she felt a great desire to share and deepen the practice with pregnant women, mothers and babies, specializing in yoga for pregnant women and yoga for babies and children. She became responsible for the Prenatal, Mom & Babyoga classes at Casa Vinyasa Lisbon and Guincho where Ashtanga, Babyoga and Music come together in all classes.


Anita is a Plant based Chef, specialized in Vegan, Raw and Ayurvedic cuisine. Her experience includes having worked passionately in several restaurants in Brazil,India and Portugal. She has much experience in this field having studied Ayurvedic Nutrition in India as well as Plant Based Nutrition online course at Cornell University. “But nothing compares to experience the practice”,she says. She often travel to Asia,frequently to India to experience the real culture and learn more and more. After much training and many personal experiences ranging from veganism, macrobiotic and ayurvedic cooking, Anita has found the perfect balance for her own style-a fusion of contemporary Ayurvedic, Asian and slow cooking. Anita had the skills needed to cook specifically for Sharath Jois, the current head of Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, India. Whilst he was teaching at his workshop in Portugal in 2018. He loved her food so much that Anita accompained Sharath Ji on his USA tour in 2019. As well as this, Anita also has taught cooking classes at Festivals around the world, like Being Gathering, Portugal and several Yoga Retreats. She continues to well sought after to teach at several festivals and many retreats with successfull global teachers. Her passion for food and her love for sharing what she knows is ingrained in her soul. You can literally feel the love pouring out of her food. Anita herself is also a student of Ashtanga Yoga and understands the impact and need to have a good diet,one based on Ayurvedic principles. Ultimately she is a compassionate and thoughtful Chef with an incredible ability to cater to any needs.



In prenatal classes, and babyoga we try to deepen the link between mother and baby. Mothers mostly feel a major hormonal, physical and emotional change pre-post partum. Through practice, music, meditation, visualization, yoga nidra and babyoga we increase confidence, awaken all our senses and those of the baby, strengthen ourselves as women, mothers, humans and increase the emotional bond between baby and child caregiver. Sharing with other mothers and babies is magical and truly therapeutic.

In playoga children explore their body and their emotions. We seek to discover and develop their creative, intuitive and emotional potential through postures, music, stories, relaxation and visualizations that allow children to grow physically, mentally and emotionally strong.

There will also be offered craft activites for children of all ages.


Include accommodations, meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and activities described in the program (adults and children)

Double Room: 300.00 EUR per person

Private Single Room: 420.00 EUR per person

** Private single room and double room located in a shared house with shared bathroom (maximum of 3 guests per bathroom) **

Family of 3 Guests: 250.00 EUR per person

Family of 4 Guests: 230.00 EUR per person

Family of 5 Guests: 220.00 EUR per person

** Family prices are considered 2 adults + 1, 2 or 3 children until 18 years old **


You can pay full or two installments. 50% have to be paid by the time of booking and will secure your place. The last installment will be paid by October 27th. For the sake of organizing vacancies, we do not make cancellations or refunds and full payment of the retreat will always be required. If you sign up for more people, you must add each participants name, email address and mobile number. The above prices do not include your travel, however if you need to, we organize rides between the participants from Lisbon and Cascais.


For more information & bookings please contact us by e-mail to or, or by whatsapp +351 912 181 778

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