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Yoga & Wellbeing

Monte da Vilarinha has now a dedicated space to the practice of yoga and other wellness-related activities.

Our in-house yoga teacher Charo will be happy to guide our guests through this journey, making your visit even more special and relaxing.

Some of the available practices:


We offer weekly regular complimentary classes to all our guests in our new space dedicated to yoga practice. Please check the times and dates at our wellbeing desk or hotel reception. 


If you'd like to enjoy more classes or maybe some tailored made sessions, you can book yourself a private session directly with Charo, our in-house yoga teacher and wellbeing specialist.

What's available: 

Yoga and Meditation: Individual or group session. Choose your focus and enjoy a nice tailored session for you or with your loved ones. 

Family Yoga Session: Have a fun and very especial time all together. Family yoga is all about laughter, dancing, playing, relaxing and enjoying a lot of complicity with your loved ones. 

Yoga Nidra: "The yogic sleep" - While you lie on the yoga mat very comfortably, you will be guided into a deep state of relaxation, body and mind. Yoga Nidra is called yogic sleep or hypno-yogic sleep. It's incredibly soothing for the nervous system, a total balm of calmness and bliss for your senses. 

Reiki Session - Energy Healing: The session starts off with a guided relaxation, followed by hands-on full body treatment, fully balancing and replenishing for the body and the mind.

Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Consultation: Have a 2-hour consultation to better understand your current eating habits and readdress them towards healthier ones. We will look into overall habits and tools to make yourself feel better overall. 

Massage: Enjoy a full body or partial body massage with our amazing holistic massage therapist, Sonia. 

For more information and rates, please send us an e-mail to, or just ask for more information directly at the reception during your stay with us.

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